This high-level workshop is formed in response to The Dubai Knowledge Summit of 2016. The objective of the event is to gain a deeper understand of Future Foresight in government and the private sector within the UAE and the region. We further explore the role of academic institutions as future accelerators in the broader horizon.

Future Foresight is the ability to systematically explore the future to identify drivers of change and to consider potential outcomes to inform strategic decisions. Strategic thinking underpins the development of a strategic foresight capacity, and is the first step in the development of robust strategy. Future Foresight presents a vital pillar of the Excellency framework, which provides an opportunity for the best practice development for innovative reality.

The objective of this forum is to take a strategic look at the latest trends and realities that impact future development and design of strategic thinking in the region. The workshop will also serve to identify future foresight needs and contribute to future foresight through proactive identification of challenges, obstacles and recent issues.

American University in the Emirates

April 19th, 2017 at AUE Dubai, International Academic City, Block 6.


Day 1

Wednesday, 26 April

  • Introduction to Strategic Foresight

    Need for foresight: VUCA world, turbulence, global challenges
    Foresight vs forecasting
  • Group work in multiple sub groups

    10:00 – 10:45 am
    Define the domains (as described)*)
    Research and scanning (strong and weak signals in the domains)
    Trend analysis DSTEEPL, discovering driving forces
  • Describe the Expected Future as the result of the strong signals (trends and possibly plans).

    11:00 am - Noon
    Describe the Expected Future as the result of the strong signals (trends and possibly plans)

Day 2

Thursday, 27 April

  • Introduction to scenarios / alternative futures

    9:00 – 9:45 am
    The elements/weak signals that create alternative futures (trend breaks, unfulfilled plans, plausible future events, unresolved issues/decision yet to be made, new ideas/proposals)
  • Describe an Alternative future based on key uncertainties (each group their own alternative future)

    10:00 – 10:45 am
    Do a futures wheel on that future
  • Perform an implications analysis on the Alternative future

    11:00 am - Noon
    Show the Foresight Maturity Model

Who Should Attend

Government Entities

Employees willing to develop strong foundation and to expose themselves to diverse experience in field of Knowledge Management.

Private Organizations

Managers, consultants, and specialists willing to enhance their skills with the recent development in field of Knowledge Management.


Students, Alumni, Entrepreneurs and business owners that wish to build their Knowledge Management foundation and establish specialists network within the region


  • AUE Alumni
  • Free
  • AUE Students
  • AED1000
  • Outsiders/ Per person
  • AED2000
  • Group of 3 and above
  • AED1500




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